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Top 10 reasons why outsourcing your Accounting and Reporting Services to Claritel will grow your business.

Outsourcing your accounting and business reporting tasks will improve your profitability and grow your business. Quite simply, this may be the easiest and the smartest decision you will make. Leave the drudgery and the complexity of recording and reporting to the experts at a fraction of the cost in time and dollars, while you concentrate on your core business.

Top 10 reasons why outsourcing to Claritel will improve your profits.

Any business can be streamlined and made more efficient by outsourcing the critical but the time consuming and highly technical function of accounting and financial reporting. While there are tax, banking and corporate requirements for keeping clean, timely and proper financial records, businesses do need on going and real time information on performance.  A business must have complete and current knowledge about its financial position, its profit margins, its assets, liabilities and cash flows.

The above is easier said than done. A mid sized business could spend as much as 5% to 10% of its payroll on in house recordkeeping using staff that are far from experts.

Outsourcing to Claritel may be the answer to keeping control of your finances without having to allocate a significant amout of your resources, employees and attention.


  • save money, time and resources
  • gain access to real time and rapid information on your business
  • we employ qualified and experienced book keepers and accountants including CAs, CPAs, University graduates
  • efficiency, review, always available

The question often is not - "Can I afford to hire Claritel?" Rather, "Can I afford not to hire Claritel?"

"Hire Claritel. You will be glad you did."

To turn a profit, in the medium term, a business needs to increase revenues, reduce costs and protect against contingencies that may impact the business negatively. And, in most cases it is the last factor that is hardest to assess, control and provide for,

Claritel's top 10

One: Save money & resources

A trained book keeper costs between USD 25 and USD 40 per hour while a CA, CPA or an experienced Accounting Professional could cost anything between USD 150 to 250 per hour. At Claritel, you would pay between USD 10 and USD 15 per hour for a book keeper and between USD 25 and USD 50 per hour for a professional. How do we do this? Quite simply, by hiring talented professionals in India and other countries with a tradition of high education and outsourcing.

Two: Ramp up or reduce staff rapidly

We can ramp up staff to suit your demands very quickly, generally within a couple of weeks. It would take you more than that time to simply advertise a vacancy. Also, we can reduce your staffing quite rapidly as we can place them to serve other clients. This continuity of employment and stability benefits our staff and consequently you.

Three: Continuity

People do leave employment for various reasons. Since we maintain a surplus pool of staff on standby, we can replace persons assigned to you almost instantly, and generally within 24 working hours. Your work does not suffer any disruption.

Four: Specialization and supervision

Our staff are specialists and do not work on any clients unless they have been trained and found suitable by management. All staff have the benefit of consultation and supervision by senior professionally qualified and certified accountants.

Five: Technology

Our clients and our colleagues have access to the latest technology and software solutions. We constantly audit our services from a security, software, procedural standpoint.

Six: Security and back up

Remember the last time your servers crashed? Or your laptop was infected with a virus? We have stringent controls and processes to minimize the risk of data loss and corruption. All information is backed up with industry leading redundancies.

Seven: Reliable, Regular and frequent reporting

Imagine receiving a full set of financial statements every quarter, every month or even every week within 48 hours. Imagine your banks being reconciled every day, your cash flows and budgets monitored 24X7. Yes it is possible and we do it all the time.

Eight: Filing tax returns, government data, VAT/GST and other returns on time

Because we keep your books current and clear, we make regulatory filing timely, painless and efficient for you.

Nine: Special reports, investigations and analyses

We have the bandwidth, the expertise and the capabilities to carry out investigations and analyses on your behalf. We can carry out an internal audit, reasonability analyses, cash flow projections, budgetary variance analyses and trend reports for you very efficiently. Feel free to call us for a quote.

Ten: Confidentiality and ethics

We are fully transparent in all our dealings with our clients. Our pricing and quotes are clear and fixed.  We deal with our colleagues, suppliers and clients with the highest moral and ethical standards.

All your data is confidential. Because we are located in another jurisdiction, we generally cannot be coerced by tax and other authorities in your country to share your data.

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