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Outsourcing and AI

AI will enhance outsourcing efficiency, but you still need professionals such as Claritel.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has traveled a long way from science fiction inventories to real-world applications. Today, across industrial and technological landscapes, AI is defining new contours of productivity and growth. In particular, the business outsourcing industry is relishing the benefits of AI.

However, when it comes to critical tasks like accounting and finance, companies still prefer to stick with professional outsourcing agencies.

Here's why.

As AI continues to evolve and broaden its scope, it's offering more sophisticated, efficient solutions in streamlining multifarious business operations. Intelligent automation, chatbots, predictive analysis, and more are being tapped into by companies worldwide. AI and machine learning algorithms are enhancing workflows and empowering businesses with insights that were once hard-to-catch.

But how about the functionalities that are dominant to the business ecosystem, the ones that are vitally important like accounting and finance? While AI does promise efficiency, the aspect of human judgment cannot be entirely replicated. This is where professional business outsourcing companies continue to hold sway.

AI is certainly changing the dynamics of business outsourcing by automating repetitive tasks and providing real-time data analysis. But, AI cannot interpret data with the same level of nuance and context as humans do, especially in sectors requiring complex decision-making, such as finance and accounting. While AI assistants can certainly make these processes more efficient, they currently lack the depth of understanding that human professionals bring to the table.

Firstly, financial operations often require a level of subjective judgment that cannot be replicated by AI. Professional outsourcing agencies have experienced professionals who not only manage tasks of accounting and finance, but also apply critical thinking, based on their judgement, expertise and business acumen. An accounting professional can make assessments based upon the nuances inherent in financial data – a trait presently beyond AI's capability.

Secondly, legislation and regulations governing financial operations can change rapidly and require an understanding and interpretation that AI systems, at their current stage of development, cannot provide. Business outsourcing companies keep up-to-date with these regulations, ensuring businesses comply with operational norms and thrive in competitive markets.

Thirdly, while AI can efficiently execute routine tasks, it may falter when faced with anomalies or irregularities. Human professionals within outsourcing agencies possess the ability to deal with exceptions and handle challenging matters that do not fall into programmed patterns.

The promise of AI and its inclusion in the future of outsourcing remains colossal. Indeed, more AI-driven solutions are expected to emerge, making AI easier to use, while increasingly sophisticated at the same time.

Pradeep Sagar
Verified writer

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